I used to be a thin person in a fat person's body... Now I'm a not so fat person fighting the fatty inside!

My blog posts are my thoughts and feelings in the ongoing struggle to maintain an arse that fits in a size 12 pair of jeans.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Still on track!

Nearly at the end of my third week on ProPoints and I'm still on plan! Had one minor wobble last week with too much wine and a curry, but still came out with a loss! Here's progress so far:

Week 1: -2lb
Week 2: -0.5lb (even with the wobble!)
Week 3: ??

Third weigh in is tomorrow evening but sneaky peeking at the scales (and the feel of my clothes!) tells me I'm in for a decent loss this week! Started at 10.5lb to goal, as of last week was at 8lb to goal and am hoping I'll be closer still tomorrow night. Would very much like to be back at goal by mid April.

Yummy things I've been eating...
Tons of fresh fruit with yogurt and seed/nut mix I made myself - fab pudding for just a couple of points or a brilliant late night snack which takes a while to eat and doesn't use too many weekly points!
Bolognaise made with soya mince and a dash of balsamic vinegar which really seemed to make a difference. Only pointed ingredient was the mince!
Home made butternut squash soup - once with courgette and once with red pepper and chinese five spice. Both yummy!
And, being the chocolate addict I am, Curly Wurlys for 3pp each and orange Club biscuits for 3pp each.

Now, potential things to knock me off kilter coming up in the next couple of weeks...
This weekend we're dancing in another show, yay! I'm in 7 dances so roughly half an hour of dancing on stage "banging it out" as we like to say, plus rehearsal beforehand. Doesn't sound bad, right? Think of all the PP I'll earn! It's the night out after and hungover Sunday that's gonna do the damage! Am determined to save my weeklies for the weekend and stick to my daily points for the other five days so I'm sure it'll work out alright, but when I'm hungover I'm constantly hungry! It's a challenge.

And... the following weekend we are moving house!! Very excited about this but controlling what I can eat on moving day will be difficult, and we'll be treating our hard working moving team (mums, dads and mates!) to take away surrounded by boxes at the end of it. Again, think of the PP I'll earn, but keeping in control of those points over the weekend will be difficult.

Still, I can make sensible decisions and if I have a dodgy week when we move it'll all be back under control by the next weigh in and I can get straight back on it. Right..? ;)

If anyone's reading my ramblings thank you, and I hope you're enjoying eating ProPoints style too! :)