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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Nearly the weekend munchies...

Hello my lovely followers!

I have 8 of you now. I'm so proud! :D

I apologise profusely for a lack of blogging yesterday, however I'm offering two for the price of one this evening!

I came home from work yesterday, made my dinner, went to Body Combat, came home and got changed and went off to the cinema with the boyf, and ate my dinner in the car on the way! Got home at midnight and was shattered! And tiredness has inspired my blog this evening...

I've got... the munchies!!! Noooooooooooo!

But never fear, followers! We can cope with this! Let us review the situation. I've been to the gym, I've worked hard (albeit sitting on my bum all day!), and I've not been too naughty this week. Plus I've got exercise planned into my weekend (and a charity abseil down a 300ft gorge - 1000 calories in nervous energy alone!), so we won't panic just yet.

This is my first tip for today. Before you panic, think!! A little slip won't hurt. A bloody big one might. So if you give in to that little bit of chocolate or cake, don't throw in the towel and stuff your face! It'll only make you feel worse.

My second tip for this evening is: choose wisely! Quite frankly, when I've got the munchies I want to eat and eat, then eat some more! Now, something nibbly is better than something not in this situation. You need something that lasts a while, at least until the munching subsides. So, my recommendation? Raspberries!! I know, I know, it's fruit. Boring! But it's not! A punnet of raspberries contain a LOT less calories than a bag of chocolates, and they'll last just as long. At the moment they are seriously yummy, and they are lovely with yogurt so try dipping them into a low fat yogurt (I like vanilla) for a bit more flavour!

I'm sure from my somewhat rambling style it is clear I am rather tired this evening. So, to recap...
Stop. Think. Then choose your munchies wisely. Step away from the situation, take control (and a deep breath if you need to, applicable to many other situations also I'm sure!), then make a considered choice.

You can munch and stay smiley! :)

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  1. Heya - I think you are completely right... a little slip is ok... strawberries are also a good munchie snack too I find... or even something like grapes or cherries..

    I shall be stepping away from things on Monday! :) You are wonderful - keep the blog up - it is good to know people who are at goal still have to deal with these things!