I used to be a thin person in a fat person's body... Now I'm a not so fat person fighting the fatty inside!

My blog posts are my thoughts and feelings in the ongoing struggle to maintain an arse that fits in a size 12 pair of jeans.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

And breathe....!

Well. What a rubbish blogger I have been.

But, to be quite honest with you, since I last posted I don't feel like I've stopped to breathe. Although strangely I found time to eat...!

After two weeks on training courses, a week on a cruise with a 24 hour buffet, and two weeks battling the fatty inside I am 1.5lb more than before it all. Which isn't hugely bad. And after 3 evenings in the gym I'm feeling better (although not weighing any less). And on Monday I've got another 5 days away on training.

My plan is now to get the next week out the way without gaining anything and then I'll get back to normal the following week. I do realise it's only a pound and a half, but I'm convinced I can feel it round my middle!

In other news I had an amazing holiday, have finally started feeling like I'm making real progress at work, and today I did something fairly big that I've been wanting to do for months and haven't had the guts. But I'll tell you about that next time because I don't want my lovely friends to know until they see me, it'll be more fun that way!

Now, it's Saturday night, it's late, and I'm signed up for a 28 mile cycle ride tomorrow. Yes, I am mad. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I hope it turns out to be more fun than Race for Life!

I know I owe you a month worth of tips, but this one is a good one. It's one that a lot of us forget to do, and it's something I've not done for a couple of months... until today.

My tip for today... Relax.

It's so easy to pack the weekend full of stuff. Stuff that fills the time. But sometimes the time shouldn't be filled. Sometimes you should be able to do your nails (broken nails are not a good look), have a hot chocolate and chill.

I used to feel the need to fill my time with stuff. Now I realise time filled with nothing can be very good for you too :)

And, coincidentally it is Sunday tomorrow. A day of rest I believe?

So everyone chill out.

I'll be in the middle of Wiltshire on a bike, but it's fine, you chill.... ;)

Love and hugs! :D

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