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Friday, 5 November 2010

Here I go again!

Well. Where to begin?!

I guess first of all I should explain where I've been and why there has been a distinct lack of blogging going on! I had the week in London training I mentioned in my last post which was stressful and not much fun thanks to a horrible, noisy hotel and a lack of people to make it interesting. Following that I had 3 weeks at work which were manic and involved a lot of financial rubbish that I couldn't get my head around at all. Then another week in London which was much more fun with lots more people and a nicer hotel. Met some lovely people and hopefully made some friends :). And finally this week I've had 3 days at work and another 2 days in London! Plus in between all that I've been to Wales, to the Peak District, and I believe at least once out on the town ;)

So there we go. It's been busy.

Now I know what you're all thinking... How the hell do you do all that on Weight Watchers?

Short answer... you don't.

I very quickly learned that breakfast and lunch in a hotel clocks up the points to unmanageable levels, and once you add on the dinner in a restaurant you've had it.

However. Jumping on my scales yesterday morning I was very pleased to discover that I was actually the same weight I was before that first week in London.

To be honest, dear followers, I have only a vague idea as to how this happened. If you've been reading my "tips" then I'm sure you can guess what has helped here. It's my favourite one of all... being SENSIBLE.

How boring it sounds.

Quite honestly I wasn't really that sensible at all. I had chocolate fudge cake, biscuits, ice cream, pizza, chips, muffins and croissants. I can only assume that my efforts to only eat half the cake (ignoring the confused looks from those I lunched with!), eating two biscuits a day rather than 6, having vanilla ice cream instead of cheesecake, and eating vegetarian pizza somehow helped?! The chips, muffins and croissants I have no idea about. And I did manage one Body Attack class which was immensely hard and after which I stuffed my face in Nandos!!

So, I might have got away with it (although I say might as I'm not entirely convinced I have yet). But to be quite honest I don't feel as if I have either. I feel wobbly. Well. More wobbly than usual!

In the past 14 days I've been to the gym only about 3 times. And my body isn't really happy about it. Tough luck because now I've got tons of revision to do as I've got exams in 3 weeks.

So back on points I will be going!

For 3 days anyway. Then I'm off to London again, for fun this time!

Oh dear.

Anyway. That's the catch up. Now lets get down to business.

I've heard a few things about WW changing their points. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I like the way it works now. One of the most concerning things I've heard is that the diet will be more like Slimming World. Given my history with that plan I don't welcome this! We will just have to wait and see what it really will entail. If anyone has an opinion on this please comment, I'd like to know a bit more about it but I've got Risk Management coming out my ears currently and haven't found the time to do any research ;).

To conclude, a tip, as is the tradition. Sitting in a room with nothing to do but listen whilst lectured to and eat every 90 minutes I desperately tried to find something to stop me reaching for the biscuits and sweets surrounding me, and this has inspired my tip for today. It's a fairly standard dieting trick, but when you're only eating out of boredom and just need something to do, it works.

Instead of nibbling, drink! Now, don't get too excited. I'm not recommending becoming an alcoholic. Personally I have developed a taste for fruit tea. Twinings Cranberry, Raspberry and something or other specifically (or not). A hot drink which contains no points can keep you busy for at least 30 minutes. Teabags which have the little string on them to fiddle with are particularly useful for keeping your hands away from the nibbles too!

Of course you can drink anything - 0 points options will work best in such a situation of course! But the trick is to stay distracted. Similarly, chewing gum can have the same effect, and the sweets you can buy at WW meetings and online for 1 point a box are also good - although don't eat too many of those because you'll have a poorly tummy soon after!

And that's it for now lovely people! I'm off to the hairdressers first thing tomorrow morning and I've no idea what I want doing, so I must decide! Oh, and I don't think I ever disclosed what my exciting thing I'd done was... I had my hair chopped off! Ok so it's not really short, but it's about half the length it used to be, which was a fairly big deal at the time!

Have a fabulous weekend if you've read this far, I'll try and post again on Sunday :)

Happy Bonfire Night too!


  1. Rather a lot of honesty in that post to be honest. I really was just being honest though honestly...

  2. Check this link out http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/femail/article-1326447/Weight-Watchers-Pro-Points-plan-A-new-approach-dieting-success.html#ixzz14J7CSBQG there's a lot of info there :)

  3. Aw cheers Annie, will have a look :)