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Sunday, 7 November 2010


Ok, so a very helpful Annie commented on my last post with a link to a very detailed article on the Weight Watchers points changes.


Seems to me the article is slightly biased towards WW, but then I am guilty of this myself, so we won't worry about that.

My initial reaction is that generally points values for foods have increased, as has the daily allowance which wouldn't really have much of an impact as they've changed together, but then if they've upped both what benefit is there to upping either?

Fruit is now zero points which is a good idea and seems to be to encourage people to choose healthier options over sugary snacks. Obviously this is beneficial to dieting as fibre will fill you up and sugar will just give you cravings and make you hungrier.

49 points a week for treats. 49 points. If we're assuming that points have approximately doubled that's 24.5 points a week (in current terms) to use on "treats". That's 4 bars of Dairy Milk a week. Currently I can just about fit one into my weekly points if I'm on 19 a day. I admit I do fit in what I would imagine will be classed as "treats", for example WW cookies and chocolate bars or dessert, but I also use my points on fruit. I guess some people just don't though.

So, I guess overall I can see that it's mostly a rebranding to move with the times. Apparently it's all off the back of the theory that calorie counting alone isn't good enough. But with that theory implying that eating wholegrain foods and fruit and vegetables will cause your body to burn more calories, why wasn't the Discover Plan good enough? Surely that's exactly the point of Filling Foods?

I think I will have to reserve judgement until I've tried it. I can see how it will work now at least, and I'm sure it will work well.

But, why fix what ain't broken?

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