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Sunday, 15 April 2012

On the wagon once again!

So I'm well and truly back on the WW wagon! Managed a few days up until Easter without too many wobbles, then over Easter weekend things went a little (a lot) wrong. 2 Easter eggs wrong. And a bottle of wine, pizza, kettle chips, chocolate raisins and muffins! Oh, and an amazing hotel breakfast which included a pain au chocolat, about 6 pieces of toast and some very yummy and very buttery scrambled egg with smoked salmon. Although we also went for a meal at Prezzo and I had a salad, so unbelievably it could have been even worse!!

So, after that horrendous weekend I kicked myself up the bum and got back on ProPoints on Tuesday morning. I have a lovely shiny new Journal (a 12 week tracker basically) which gives me some sad little satisfaction to fill in! Also managed a night out last night and didn't go over my planned points, so I still have 18 weeklies left to get me to Thursday (the end of my week - Thursday seemed the safest day to weigh!).

This week I have mostly been eating:
Tinned peaches/pineapple, drained, with a tablespoon of Morrisons Eat Smart low fat natural yogurt (1pp) and 20g of muesli (2pp)
Toast (4pp) with a poached egg (2pp), mushrooms and tomatoes

Salad with butternut squash and tuna (2pp) with a tsp of light mayo

Quorn fillets (4pp) with a tsb of pesto (1pp) with salad
A seriously yummy thai green curry (recipe from the WW website) which was 6pp (we swapped chicken for white fish which reduced the pp value) with 40g rice (4pp)
Pitta pizzas made from a pitta bread (6pp) spread with a little tomato puree, a tsp of pesto (1pp) and a light Babybel cheese grated on the top (1pp). Also put some cooked mushrooms, courgette, peppers and red onion on there and then grilled until it went crispy round the edges. Very yummy!

I have eaten tons of fruit too - really like that fruit is now 0pp. Also been munching WW cookies (2pp) and WW jaffa mini rolls (2pp).

Pitta pizzas and thai green curry were the highlight of the week I think - I'd recommend both!

And that's all I have to say about that. Am enjoying ProPoints more than my initial attempt last year, and sneaky weigh in on my scales is showing a loss, so will stick with it until Thursday and hope for a good loss. Friday we are off to Norwich for the weekend so I'll be well and truly off the wagon whilst away. Lets hope I can jump straight back on next Tuesday!

I feel this post was a little dull - I am perhaps uninspired due to the horrendous hangover I've been suffering today! Will try to make my next post a little more exciting, promise!

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