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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Here's my line... --------------------------------------

Hello everyone! Remember me?!

Am so ashamed my last post was August last year. Where have I been?! The lack of posting coincides with the increased work pressures and lack of time to myself, so I can blame a little of my absence on that. John is now running his own business - a mobile noodle bar essentially! - which is going from strength to strength. However this means I now work six days a week as we have a stall on the market every Saturday, so with only the one day off a week my time is normally taken up with washing, cleaning and hangovers from the night before!

On a positive note, my weight has remained fairly static since August. It floats around between the 11st 7lb and 11st 12lb marks depending on how "good" I've been, and it went up a little more after Christmas, but I count not regaining all the weight as a success all round!!

So why am I back? A few things have spurred on my return. Firstly, in response to the ridiculous and laughable mockumentary that Dispatches produced a few weeks ago Weight Watchers posted this video:


About 4 and a half minutes in you'll see me!! WW used the footage taken at the catwalk event I did in 2010 of me and a couple of other ladies. How slim was I?! I am approximately 10-12lb more than this these days, and although I'm still a size 12 and still a healthy BMI - yes, Dispatches, contrary to your rubbish report some of us do succeed!! - my body shape is different. I had to give up running because of my knee problems, and I've exchanged Body Combat for dancing twice a week which I love but which isn't as intense.

Watching this video made me feel both proud and sad that I wasn't still in the same position with my weight.

In addition to that I got the results of my final exams on 6 February and I passed! No more study, no more revision and no more exams!! Big weight off my mind.

Add to that the fact that in a couple of months time the sun will be shining and the summer clothes will be reappearing and there's my motivation.

I have been trying since January to shift some weight alone with minimal success. I can stick to things for a couple of weeks but then lose my focus and put it back on. So this week I rejoined a WW class. I'm embracing ProPoints and so far I'm actually enjoying it! The first time I tried ProPoints I had limited success, so I'm trying to apply sense to it and not eat quite so much fruit and zero point food as last time. Let's face it - eating an entire butternut squash so you have enough points for a bar of chocolate can't really be the point. And it didn't work. Just because it's zero points doesn't mean it's zero calories!

Here's my stats:
Start weight (13 Feb '13): 11st 12.5lb
Weigh in day: Wednesday
5% goal: 11st 4lb
Goal weight: 11st 2lb

Things I'm loving this week include these:
Energy bars: http://www.weightwatchers.co.uk/food/rcp/RecipePage.aspx?recipeId=7018852
Eating these for breakfast. Yum! Cut them slightly bigger so 5pp each.

And these dark chocolate kit kats, 2 finger - 3pp.

Lots of cups of tea, with skimmed milk, too!

So off I go! I will report back, promise!!

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